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Open Standards are internationally interoperable, and Document Freedom Day is a global campaign to adress compatibility. To have our data safe and under our control in future, our message must be heard all over the world. Localization is essential in this. Offering information in one's mother tongue is much more likely to be received and to be shared. Please help to spread our message around the globe by contributing translations of pages into your native language.

This little guide should only be used if you already know the background of translations: How our pages are generated, how to find out which translations are missing or outdated and so on. If you want to understand how our webpages are built, have a look at the detailed informations for translators.

In this example, we want to translate into Spanish.

  • Scroll down the page which you want to translate and find "[XHTML]" in the footer.
  • Download the .xhtml file (in this case
  • Write a short e-mail to and (you should already be subscriber of one of these mailing lists) and tell them that you start with the translation.
  • Please open for each new page a new thread and add your two letter Language Code in the subject.
  • Open the downloaded file with a text editor (gedit, Kate, Mousepad etc on Free operating systems, Notepad++ on Windows).
  • Translate all english text outside the html tags into your language. For example:

    There, please visit our website.

    should become

    Hola, por favor visita nuestra pagina web.

    Please change the two letter Language Code of the translated file from "en" to the one of your language (for example Spanish = "").
  • Afterwards, please reply to your thread in and and ask other people to proofread your file. If everybody agrees, it will be uploaded by others on the mailing list. If you want to work with the SVN to upload these files yourself, have a look at the "website improvements".

Typos and text improvements

Please email any typos or opportunities for improvement that you find to

Website improvements

You can make changes to the website directly by opening an account with the SVN server which this website uses. Website infrastructure is provided by the Free Software Foundation Europe - please read FSFE's webmastering guidelines for more information on how to get SVN access.